What Not to Wear?

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Your Mission:

The Wissahickon School Board is considering implementing a new policy concerning the dress code which would require all students to wear khaki pants and a blue collared shirt. Your first job is to decide whether or not you agree with the new policy. For your final product, you will create a 5 paragraph essay outlining at least 3 reasons for why you agree or disagree while providing specific examples to back up your claim. After you have written your essay, you will come together with other members of the class who take your same stance and develop a 2-3 minute speech to present to the School Board.

Consider the following:

What are some of the main advantages/disadvantages of school uniforms?
What are the effects of school uniforms on student relations?
What is the cost of school uniforms? Who will pay for them?
Do school uniforms inhibit student expression?

Good Resources to use:

Public Speaking Skills
-Tips for delivering effective speeches in a public setting.
-Statistics for cost, parent and teacher surveys, schools who have implemented school dress codes and more!
Students Design their own Uniforms
-Article about how students became involved in implementing school uniforms at their schools

Cite your sources!