To Seed, or Not to Seed?



There is an empty plot of land next to the high school auditorium. The health/ phys ed. dept. would like to use it as a student garden, where students will be able to plant and grow different types of fruits and vegetables. Your job is to design a proposal to present to the school board with a plan for the garden that includes a step by step plan of how it will be created, maintained, and used.

What to think about:

1. What are some advantages to having a student garden?
2. What plants would you like to grow?
3. In which seasons would you like to plant?
4. How will the garden benefit the school and community?
5. How often will we need to maintain the garden, and in what ways?
6. What will be the costs of the garden?
7. How will the workload be distributed between students/faculty/community?
8. What materials/tools will you need?
9. How will you raise money for the garden?
10. How will we monitor the growth of the garden?
11. How many Lawn Gnomes will you have in your Garden?

Useful Information/Resources:

Helpful Websites:

Helpful Videos:

Good luck. This project is due by the end of the day. You have 2 hours. Don't forget to cite any information you use.