K-12 Health and Physical Education TeachersIn-Service WorkshopNovember 8, 2011


  1. Introduction
  2. Warm-Up Activity
  3. Rotation #1: 9:00-9:30
    • Station 1: SMART Board & Notebook - High School
    • Station 2: Moodle - Middle School
    • Station 3: Online Resources & Web 2.0 - Elementary
  4. Break: 9:30-9:40
  5. Rotation #2: 9:40-10:10
    • Station 1: SMART Board & Notebook - Elementary
    • Station 2: Moodle - High School
    • Station 3: Online Resources & Web 2.0 - Middle School
  6. Break: 10:10-10:20
  7. Rotation #3: 10:20-10:50
    • Station 1: SMART Board & Notebook - Middle School
    • Station 2: Moodle/Collaboration with Colleagues - Elementary
    • Station 3: Online Resources & Web 2.0 - High School
  8. Wrap-Up & Evaluation

Warm-Up Activity

Post your answer to this question on the Wiffiti Screen below by either texting your answer or posting via the web here:

What is your favorite technology tool or resource?

Station 1: SMART Board & Notebook

  • Spend the time at the board with your colleagues working through the SMART Notebook file.
  • Find and/or build at least one interactive activity for use in your lessons.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues on trouble-shooting techniques and best practice strategies.


Station 2: Moodle

  • Work with your colleagues (and Jamie & Dianne) to add to your Moodle course.
  • Add at least two of the following:
    • Link to website
    • Link to document, presentation, handout
    • Embed / Link a video
    • Discussion Forum
    • Assignment Drop-Box
    • Quiz
    • Questionnaire
  • Share and collaborate with your colleagues while building onto your course to see what others are doing.


Station 3: Online Resources & Web 2.0

  • Explore at least three of the tools & resources below, creating accounts where needed.
  • If you are unsure what a resource is, check out the eToolBox page first.
  • Collaborate and share resources with your colleagues as you find things relevant for your instructional level.
  • Be sure to check out the "Other Resources" and the Health & PE Resources below as those are sites I picked with your interests in mind.


Discovery Education



Google Docs & Sites

Other Resources
  • WSD eToolBox - Starting point for technology integration in WSD.
  • Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0 - Animated avatars, comic creators, digital scrapbooks, image creation, slideshows and more
  • Virtual Tours - Take your students on field trips, without having to leave your classroom
  • Logos and Text - Create nice logos and images for your moodle course, wiki, presentation slides, and worksheets
  • WatchKnowLearn - Educational videos organized by subject - 875 for Health and Physical Education!
  • NeoK-12 - Educational videos organized by subject - lots for Health
  • Grants - A few links to websites to help you with grants. Don't forget WEOF and PTC grants as well!

Health & Physical Education
Click HERE to access the complete list of resources.


Workshop Feedback Evaluation

Please take a few minutes to complete the Feedback Form below about the workshop. Please be honest! Thanks!! :)