As everyone is learning and infusing technology and 21st Century Skills at a different pace, it is often difficult to design and deliver professional development that is relevant to everyone in the session. Due to this, your technology coaches have designed and created a new way to learn professionally in WSD through which you get to choose the topics, work at your own pace and earn cool badges to show off to your colleagues.

It's Mission Wiss21. Are you ready??

The first step is to complete a Pre-Survey, linked below. Once you have completed the Pre-Survey you will earn your first badge. After that, you can jump into any of the pathways linked on the final page of the survey or linked at the bottom of this page.

Each Mission contains 3 sections:
  1. Section #1: Let's Learn - Where you will find information, links and/or videos to learn the topic of choice.
  2. Section #2: Prove your Understanding - Where you will answer questions and/or complete an activity to prove what you learned in Section #1.
  3. Section #3: Performance Task - Where you will apply what you learned by creating something that you will actually use with students.
In order to earn your badges, you must complete the Google Form that takes you through the tasks above and of course, complete all 3 tasks. When you are completed with the form and tasks, you will be awarded your badges!

To get started with the Pre-Survey Mission, visit this link:

How do I get started??
  • The first thing to do is to complete the pre-survey.
  • From there, you are welcome to begin and complete Missions as you see fit on the topics that you want to learn more about.
  • You can work on your Missions anytime - during professional period time, prep time, at home, the summer, etc.
  • This is not meant to replace anything already in place, but is meant to be a way for you to learn on your own and at your own pace to get the basics of the tools and resources we are using in Wissahickon.

Your technology coaches are looking for feedback on Mission Wiss21, so if you have any feedback at all please do not hesitate to send either an email with questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

You must complete the pre-survey linked above before you can begin any of the Missions below.

Microsoft Suite Missions

Google Apps Missions

Wiss21 Tools Missions

There will be MORE Missions coming in the future, this is just the beginning!

For more information and a detailed overview of the development and planning of Mission Wiss21, check out AJ Juliani's blog post about it!