Wikispaces How-To
For all commands below, Click on the “Edit” button to access the Wikispaces editor:

Then the editor toolbar will appear (see below)

Type and Font Setting

  • Use the Menu bar similarly to a Word document: highlight any text, then click: bold, italics, underline, color/font
  • To control size, font style, alignments and color of text highlight the text you want to change then click on the "T" icon.

Inserting Images and Files

Tutorial Video:

Inserting a picture
  • You will have to save the item to the computer or drive first.
    • Copy/paste does not work – only “uploading” a file.
    • When you find a picture, right-click (control-click on Mac), choose "Save Image As", Save to appropriate place]
  • Click on the little landscape icon in the editor that says "File".
  • On the Images & File pop-up: Click "Upload Files", which will bring you to your files on the computer.
  • Choose (double click) your picture that you just saved.
  • Double click the image you just uploaded.
  • When it inserts, a little “image properties” box will pop up.
  • You can only generally drag the picture around once you choose the alignment of the picture.
  • If you want a picture to act as a link, click the world icon/add link and choose an existing page or an outside link (like your email).

Inserting a Word Document, PDF, Excel file, PowerPoint, etc.
  • As above, Click on the landscape icon that says "File".
  • On the Images & File pop-up: Click "Upload Files", which will bring you to your files on the computer.
  • Double click the file you just uploaded.
  • Tip:Click Save, not Preview. It’s easier to Save and re-edit.

Creating Web links

  • Type the text you wish to make a hyperlink to an outside web page then highlight the text with your cursor.
  • Click on the first chain link icon in the editor that says "Link"
  • Click on the External Link tab and type in (or copy/paste) the web page URL address, then click on Add Link. It is also a good idea to check off the "New Window" box.
  • If using the copy/paste method when you paste the URL in the editor, be sure the prefix of the page doesn't appear twice. ie. as opposed to http://

Even More Wikispaces Help

A Complete Wikispaces Tutorial
Refer to the following pages of the tutorial for help with...
  • Editing pages - pages 15-19
  • Inserting images and documents - page 20
  • Inserting hyperlinks - pages 21-23
  • Inserting HTML widget - pages 24-25

How to Embed Widgets:
(such as videos, slideshows, web 2.0 products, calendars, etc.)

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